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OSB Plate - OSB/3 1250x2500x12mm

PŁYTA OSB/3 1250x2500x12mm View larger

OSB plate with straight edges 1250x2500x12mm

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Due to their high resistance to air moisture, low absorbability and swelling, KRONOPOL OSB/3 are especially suitable for the construction of buildings in the framework technology. They have appropriate strength parameters ensuring the required rigidity and strength of the building structure.

KRONOPOL OSB/3 is the wood-based material of the future. High quality, environmental friendliness both in production and use, coupled with universal applications, are the most important benefits of Kronopol OSB/3.

Kronopol OSB/3 structural board is perfectly suited for:

  • roof sheathing,
  • external and internal walls,
  • floors and roofs,
  • I-beams.

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