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Styrofoam Graphite Termo Organika Termonium 032 10cm

Styrofoam Graphite Termo Organika Termonium  032 10cm

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TERMONIUM fasada (facade)

  • external thermal insulation done by means of ETICS (light-wet method, BSO)
  • external thermal insulation done by means of light-dry method
  • thermal insulation on the surface of stud walls
  • thermal insulation in the enclosed slot of cavity walls
  • thermal insulation in the ventilated slot of cavity walls
  • insulation of tie beams, lintels and other thermal bridges
  • insulation of balcony loggias
  • thermal insulation of window jambs
  • thermal insulation of window lintels
  • thermal insulation of any layered walls
  • continuous outer layer thermal insulation on plinth walls
  • filling expansion joints

Those are silvery and gray boards produced on the basis of innovative material refined, for example, by graphite, which after being added to the granules in the polystyrene production process, improves insulation features. Therefore, it is possible to obtain better thermal insulation results or the same ones with lower thickness. They are intended for thermal insulation of walls, including facades. The boards may be produced with flat or milled edges enabling proper fitting. The boards are manufactured in standard dimensions: 1000 mm long, 500 mm wide, 10 mm thick, and then every 10 mm.

The product complies with the harmonized standard EN 13163:2012. 

TERMONIUM fasada EPS S    EP-EN 13163-T(1)-L(2)-W(2)-Sb(5)-P(5)-BS75-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)2-TR80

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